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by | Jun 26, 2021 | Blog

It’s been a while since we last posted on our blog. A lot has happened in that space of time too! We have on-boarded a whole host of new clients located in the Prestwich and Whitefield region. Being from Prestwich and Whitefield ourselves this is really satisfying for us to see as it shows our work is being seen and our web design services are spreading through word of mouth across the many wonderful independent bars, cafes, restaurants and other great businesses located in Whitefield and Prestwich.

During these present times a lot of businesses have had to change how they operate. Everything is now online and digital focussed meaning some businesses are being left behind as they have not evolved as a business to cater to their customers needs and are falling behind the competition. At Mint Websites, we always stay one step ahead and our clients always reach their goals and see business growth. Here’s a little more detail about what we have been upto during the last year or so.

We have welcomed the ever popular Campo Blanco Tapas bar that is located in the heart of Whitefield. During lockdown we were tasked with creating an online ecommerce store that would help generate extra revenue through takeaways, gift vouchers and other cool hampers, whilst the restaurant’s doors were closed. The project was a huge success and the feedback has been amazing from both client and customers.

They were not the only Whitefield based business to come to us seeking help to change their online business strategy and improve their current website capabilities through our expert web design skill and knowledge.

We have also welcomed the fantastic PT41 Gym based just outside Whitefield in Radcliffe. They were looking to improve their existing website and incorporate new digital elements such as App integration and an ecommerce / online shop where they could sell passes and branded merchandise. Another successful project with outstanding feedback. 

These are just some of the many clients we have onboarded who were seeking a web design agency that was transparent and provided the service they and their business needed. Check out our recent work for even more great examples!

We are always looking to onboard new clients whether you are based in the Prestwich and Whitefield region or beyond. We have never heard one piece of negative feedback from our clients. Get in touch today and see how our web design services can help supercharge your business and help you smash your goals. 

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